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Ah well, I read some writing advice and it told me to write in my journal. It's like a fortune cookie's advice, but more authentic since it came from Writer's and Poet's Magazine instead of China. I've been playing Plants Vs. Zombies for five hours straight and Ryan still isn't home from work. He's working on an art commission for some lady at his work. It looks amazing! It's a retro sun-setting wave and beach scene, but in a hippie sort of color scheme. One you'd not expect. The only thing that differenciates the water from the sky is the texture. After seeing all of Sam's art work on here and my boyfriend's it makes me want to start drawing again.

Speaking on Art commissions, I paid my local tattoo artist at Vintage ink to draw me up something and he says he'll reveiw it with me tomorrow (It's about time). I'm getting a tattoo of a Tree. This is not just any tree. It's the nerdy kind. It's an Ent. Yes, a living tree. There is also going to be a wizard's silouhette looking up to the tree's face. It's going to be the start of my sleeve and I am oh so excited. Sam, just a word of advice, if you get a tattoo that is detailed. Get some one you trust or look through their art book. I'm sure you'd of thought that out yourself though.

Today was an awesome day. Not only was it my last day to have to drive to and from Brandon in rush hour traffic, but my old manager from Borders stopped by the Brandon store to say hi. He's currently training at the Apple store in Brandon. I'm a little jealous that he landed that job, but it's with blind eyes as I all-too-quickly look over my own fortune in landing a job. A few of my friends have not been as lucky.

I had two managers directly over me at Borders. One was this guy that came in today, Chris. Chris was a great manager with integrity. He taught me a lot about being a leader and loving your team. He would go out of his way to make life easier. He wouldn't talk poorly about anyone behind their back and he always looked at things from a positive perspect. He made you want to work for him. Any time Chris was in the building, we would get BR+ sign up like we would be in buisiness forever. We all supported each other. Him and us. Us and him. I'll always strive to be like Chris, but I know that I have to make it on my own. I'm different from Chris, not as out-going, but I can still strive to be that person of integrity.

Now, John. Our General Manager. Man, was he a prick. Where did they find this guy? I found out today that they found him, ironically, at Barnes and Noble. He was the ASM at the St. Pete store before he was the Assistant manager at the Carollwood Borders. Coincidently, I found that he has worked with Joe from Brandon and we both had the same opinion about the guy. Not only did he talk poorly about people (He once called my friend, Sarah, fat), but he would throw you under the bus any chance he got. Our DM  found out that he had lied on a confrence call about setting up our teacher's appreciation by calling schools and businesses all over the disctrict to start a raffle and to give out prizes. She later admitted to all the other supervisors that she had made a mistake picking him to be store manager after she left our store to move up.

 John had once told me to lie on my sales and hours matrix form so that my Starbucks disctrict manager wouldn't know that he was severly cutting the cafe hours by 60+ hours. My theory was that he did this so that he could sit in his office all day with book floor coverage. Great guy, really. Furthermore, when I decided not to lie on the form, he pulled me into his office and yelled for about 10 minutes. He yelled that my Starbucks DM couldn't write me up, but he sure as hell would if I didn't do what he told me to do the next time. At the end of his rant, I asked him, "Are you done now?" And left without a word further. I later broke down to Chris who explained that he had always taught me to tell the truth. We both went to Jackie about it, but soon after, Borders would declare bankruptsy and there would be no use for a DM.

He would always yell and yell. I realized that as a manager, you never get what you want by yelling. No one wants to be yelled at. He once yelled that my trainer wouldn't listen to him about wearing a walkie talkie in the cafe. I talked to Mimi and realized that she misunderstood what he had asked her. He then came and yelled in the back room for 5 minutes while I explained the miscommunication. He yelled some more! He realized his innapropriate behavior hours later and came to the back of the cafe to appologize to me- not Mimi. Oh man, was he a prick.

I've learned almost as many lessons from John as I have Chris. Only, I've promised myself not to manage people like John, but to lead people like Chris.

Anyway, I've now broken into my sob Borders story. I'm still crushed that I don't get to work with Chris anymore and it's apparent. I really miss Mimi too. If she wanted a job at B&N, I would hurdle over mountains to make it happen. I would even contact Mary myself about our hiring freeze for Mimi.

I'm anxious about my financial aid coming though. I think I need to call SPC.

I am excited about my day off and my tattoo session! I may not be so excited when I see the needle though...

I think I'm going to set up a theme for my LJ, I just can't decide what theme. My last Journal had a Nana theme. The one before that had a Chichiri faces theme. It had so many emot- icons!!

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Today was a sad day. It started like any other day. I got up. Went to work. I made coffee. I realized that we were out of Frappucino base the day before, but the task of replacing it had to be done the next day. Today.

I headed out to my car, Tampa is a far off land, so therefor I need my trusty steed. As I was about to get into the driver's size, I realized that a creature was laying in the rough malch. Not just any creature, a squirrel. Like a rat, but adorable because of a boa tail connected at it's hind legs. Never the less, it's adorable.

This sqirrel was struggling. It couldn't get up. As I approched, it struggled harder to escape monstrous hands.  It's arm is clearly broken. I looked around for help. There was no one.

Maybe he fell out of the tree? Do squirrels fall from trees? Baby squirrels fall. Do adult sqirrels fall from trees? I. Don't. Know.

I'm on a mission. The mission to get regular frappucino base. I couldn't take too long, but could this squirrel be okay for as long as it would take me? He's in shade. Other than a broken arm, he's fine. Maybe some fine citizen or saintly patron would find him and box him up to be taken into the local animal hospital. I don't have a box now, but I could certainly get one on my travels. I left for my journey.

Long journey, short: I got the stuff, see.

I came back to help my future buddy out. I was going to save this little mister Ratatoille.

I came out with my box, smiling from the prospective of having a pet squirrel. I had always wanted a squirrel, since my friend found baby squirrel's  in a shoe box when we were children. I should have found that shoe box. Instead I found:

Ants. All over my buddy. :'(

I freaked out and left the scene. I cried. My manager came back and got a box when I told her of the tradgedy. I got a water bucket. We were going to try to save him. We could really save him from those hungry infestors!

When we came out, she cleaned him of the ants. He was back to his old normal, hansome self. He stopped struggling. I looked into his eyes one last time before we buried him.

To my best buddy,

Do not go gently into that good night.

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